Hi There!

I’m Crystal.


Your favourite Canadian and a washi-tape obsessed Life Coach, here to help you be, do or have whatever you want.




Want more outta life, but you’re not quite sure how to unstick yourself from your current situation?

  • You might find yourself often saying ‘yes’ when you really want to say ‘no’, feeling your boundaries crumple like a sad piece of stationary
  • Maybe, you long for some quality ‘me time’ but feel guilty for taking it

  • Or maybe, just maybe, you feel like you should be able to do it all but, honestly, you’re just … so … exhausted

You’ve likely wished there was a ‘fast-forward-to-the-good-part‘ button so you could feel more fulfilled … more like YOU.

You have a nagging feeling that there’s something more for you out there, and its’s just unfair that society seems to have put it on the highest shelf, juuuuust out of reach.

If you can relate, I have good news for you.
Sugar, You’re in the right place.

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you overcome the barriers and mindsets keeping them small and stuck.
Crafting lives they absolutely adore!



Here are some ways we can

work and vision together:

♥ Free Workshop

THE workshop for women who want to bring their BOLDEST vision to life.

> Create an actionable snapshot of the future you desire at this virtual event where we bring your wildest dreams to life.

♥ Get More Space

A guided, virtual day for group co-creation and unlimited personalized coaching.

> It’s like a spa day, but instead of pampering your body, we’re turbocharging your most audacious goals and ambitions.

♥ Go.  All.  In.

A custom-curated, private coaching experience.

> Private coaching with me is like stepping into an exclusive boutique where every detail is crafted just for you.