I thought I’d lose weight if I could just find the right diet and exercise program.

Turns out diet and exercise weren’t the answer.

At 40 I lost 25 pounds, permanently.

That was 7 years ago.



Here’s my story.

You’d have been impressed by what you saw if we’d met 7 years ago.

I’d made my way in a male-dominated industry.  I won awards.  I was a top performer.

From the outside looking in, I had it all together.  Except.  I was 25 pounds overweight.


None of my success mattered to me because I felt disgusted every time I looked in the mirror.

Getting dressed was a daily nightmare.  Even though my carefully-chosen clothes hid my weight well, I felt like a fraud underneath it all.  I just wanted to be thin, and to feel good about myself.  

I tried really, really hard but I couldn’t lose weight.


> I knew about calories in vs. calories out, points, carbs and fasting.  I tried every diet I could get my hands on.

> I hired the best personal trainers, dieticians and nutritionists.

> I ran a marathon.

> I hired 3 different therapists.

I was so desperate that I even laid on a dirty hotel room floor hoping a celebrity hypnotherapist could cure me of my extra 25 pounds.

It didn’t matter how much I read, how much I new, how much I ran or

who I hired, I couldn’t lose weight.

I Thought Something Was Wrong With Me.

I didn’t understand how I could know so much about diets and nutrition and still be overweight.

I was out of control.

Between meetings I’d eat a 6-pack of donuts in my car.

After work I’d sit in my basement eating a pint of chocolate peanut butter Hagen Daaz.

I believed the same old lies:

> I’ll start over Monday.

> I’ve already messed up today, I may as well eat this too.

> Nothing ever works, so why bother.

So I kept getting the same results.


Out of sheer desparation I ordered a $982 box of detox products because one of my friends had lost a lot of weight using them.

I lost 12 pounds in 10 days.

I posted before and after pictures on Facebook.

I pretended I felt good, that the weight loss would be permanent this time.  But I knew it was all a lie. 

I knew it was just a matter of time until the weight came back.

And then…

> I missed a sales quota.  So I ate.

> My assistant annoyed me.  So I ate some more.

> I had to drive across town for an 8pm client meeting.  So I ate even more.

I gained 12 pounds in 5 days.

And I hit rock bottom.


I knew another diet wasn’t the answer.  But I didn’t just want to accept my weight.  I didn’t want to live my life 25 pounds overweight.

I couldn’t handle the emotional rollercoaster of another detox or diet.

I had to find a better way.

I know now that there is a better way to permanent weight loss, because I found it.


I started not just looking at what I was eating, but why I was eating.  I uncovered all that I was covering up with food.

I changed my relationship with food.  I changed why I ate.

I’ve maintained a 25-pound weight loss without obsession, deprivation, eating weird foods or living on protein shakes.

I’m just like you…

I want to be a success in every area of my life.  I also want to look good and feel amazing.

If I can lose weight, you can too.

I’m not more disciplined, more capable or more driven than you.

I just found the real weight-loss solution, that works.


Now you know my story.

No matter how hard you’ve tried to lose weight, you can change your story too.

Are you ready to finally lose weight?

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