I hired a therapist named Carolyn to help me lose weight.

One day I told Carolyn that in my dream life I’d hire a personal chef to deliver 3 perfectly healthy meals to me.  Then I’d just eat those meals and – presto – I’d lose weight.

Maybe you’ve had this thought too.

Carolyn often said this:

It’s not about the food…


…To which I’d roll my eyes and wonder when we’d stop rehashing my past and when she was gonna help me lose weight already.  

Back then It’s not about the food – never made sense to me at the time.  Mostly because food and dieting was all I ever thought about.


5 years later I hired Lisa, a life coach who added onto that sentence:

It’s not about the food, but it’s also not, not about the food.


***Before we carry on, I’m not knocking therapy or putting life coach as better than.  They both have their time and place.***


During both my therapy and coaching sessions I was in such a hurry to lose weight – so that I could just feel better and get on with my life –  that I didn’t digest it at the time … but Carolyn was right, and Lisa was even more right.


Here’s what I’ve grown to understand:

It’s not about the food: 85% of weight loss is uncovering the root issue leading to overeating and then learning the skills of stopping.


It’s not, not about the food: the other 15% is about understanding how to fuel your unique body.


The main reason you’re overweight is simple: you eat more than your body requires – not every once in a while – but on a consistent basis.

If, like me, you’ve dreamt of having the world’s most nutritious, calorie-controlled, wholesome meals delivered to your door – it might make losing weight easier and more convenient, but it wouldn’t solve the entire problem.

This is why diets fail 98% of the time:

They aren’t designed to solve for the 85%.


And when I say fail I don’t mean a diet can’t help you lose weight.

Pick any diet.  

Follow it perfectly, and you’ll lose weight.

When I say fail I mean that I’ve yet to meet a woman who’s lost weight on the above and kept it off permanently and peacefully, without obsession.


> The 85% was the work I had to do first to lose 25 pounds permanently and peacefully.

> When I did this work the 15% basically took care of itself.

> This is the work I now do with my private weight-loss clients.


Today imagine a bigger dream than the perfect diet or perfect meals delivered to your door.

Imagine overcoming the 85%.


This is 100% possible for you:

… a life where you no longer worry about overeating, falling off the wagon, whether there’s gonna be donuts in the break room, or if the weight’ll come back when Christmas hits.


I can teach you exactly how to lose weight this way.  I’ll teach you The Permanent Weight-Loss Process.


I’ll support you every step of the way.


Your first step is simple.


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My new thinking is helping me overcome my desire to eat when I’m not hungry.

I am snacking and eating way less.

I’m already 5 pounds down and I couldn’t be happier. -Kelley