You’re here because you want to lose weight permanently and you want to know if I can help you.

I have two words for you: I can.

But we’re not going to start our relationship with what I can do for you. 

We’re going to start our relationship with what I believe about you.

I know we likely haven’t met yet.

But this isn’t a problem.  I’ve chosen what I will believe about you and all of my clients.


Here it is:

  • You are the expert of your life and body.
  • You deserve a safe, judgment-free space where you can tell the truth.
  • You are brilliant, talented and resourceful, but you can show up to a coaching session a hot mess and I will love you just the same.
  • You are capable of transforming in an instant.  It doesn’t have to take years.
  • You don’t need a cheerleader.  You need someone who will call a spade a spade and push you beyond your comfort zone.
  • You aren’t broken, you don’t need me or anyone else to fix you.
  • You are beautifully human, you won’t do coaching perfectly and that’s perfect.  Not being willing to fail is not the goal.
  • You don’t need handholding, spoon feeding or sugar coating.
  • Everything you choose to do matters because you matter.
  • You can do hard things.

So this is where we begin our relationship because these are the beliefs I bring to all my coaching sessions.

You’re invited to experience what it feels like to have a coach who believes in you, sees your humanity and believes in your capability.

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Let me tell you -hiring Crystal – best decision ever! I had tried pretty much everything without lasting success.


I’ve released extra weight I’ve been carrying for years.  It’s the easiest weight loss I’ve ever experienced. -Sonya