Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that helps you feel pleasure, motivation and satisfaction.

We tend to get a dopamine rush when we start something new.

In fact, a dopamine rush can actually increase goal-directed behavior.


This is why diets are so fun to start, and why they’re so easy to follow, at first.


You’ve probably experienced how excited you feel when you research a new diet, buy new foods, trash the non-diet foods and maybe even buy new containers and re-arrange your kitchen, pantry and life.


You feel super motivated to follow the plan and lose weight, at first.

The trouble is that humans weren’t made to have continual dopamine rushes.


So once the dopamine fades and day 2 of the diet sets in, your willpower is left to take over.

And, just like dopamine, willpower is only available, at first.

Your motivation wanes.

You notice you can’t help yourself from digging into the Oreos after supper.

You start to feel pretty crummy about the whole thing.

And no one loves feeling crummy.


Before you know it, you’re on to researching the next diet to feel better – to get the dopamine rush again and get your motivation mojo back.

And you experience the high of starting a diet and the low of well, falling off the diet.


It’s a cycle that can suck you right in if you’re not connecting the dots of what is actually going on.

The fact of the matter is … we’re intricately designed.

The dopamine factor is just one of many things going on in your mind and body when you begin a new weight-loss plan.


My job as a weight-loss coach is to help you connect all these dots.

To show you what is really going on when you jump from diet plan to diet plan.

To remind you that there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re not broken, you don’t need fixing.

To teach you a different path to weight loss that begins with rejecting diet mentality and re-learning eating skills.

Yes, eating skills.


I can help you connect the dots.

It’s time to stop chasing dopamine rushes.


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We’ll talk about where you’re at, your weight-loss goal and how I can help you get there without relying on diets, willpower or dopamine rushes.