Yesterday when I arrived at the gym I was awarded a 100 Workouts Badge.

I’d been going to the gym for 8 months.

Simple math tells me 100 workouts in 8 months = 3.2 workouts/ week.

After I got my congratulatory photo snapped I noticed myself thinking:

> I can’t believe that after all this time I’ve only done 100 workouts.

It’s amazing how quickly our brains offer us an option to discount our achievements by telling us we should be further along than we are.

✓ I’m stronger than I was last May.

✓ I’ve joined countless gyms for the last 3 decades and this is the most consistent I’ve ever been.

✓ The gym works for me.

✓ I love the format, I love the coaches.  I don’t have to worry about structuring my workouts.  The professionals do it for me.  I just show up and do it.

Here’s the problem:

I didn’t set a measurable goal for the gym.

I just go most days.

If I would’ve created a measurable goal I’d have something to measure my 100 workouts against.

Before today my gym goal was loose because it wasn’t measurable.  You can’t measure: I’ll go most days.

Our human brains actually like loose.  Loose is comfortable.

Our brains don’t like concrete goals.  Goals are uncomfortable.  Especially the ones that push us out of our comfort zones.

But you need to set a goal so you know what you’ve achieved.  And any goal worth achieving will set you outside of your comfort zone.


My mentor says if your goal doesn’t make you a bit uncomfortable, the goal isn’t big enough.


So, what is your weight loss goal?

Do you have one, or have you stopped having a weight-loss goal because you don’t believe you’re capable of hitting it?

Hitting your weight-loss goal is 100% possible for you.  You just need the right approach.

If you want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off forever, I will teach you how.

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